Loose Bodies in the Knee

What are Loose Bodies in the Knee?

Loose bodies are fragments of detached cartilage or bone inside the knee joint. These fragments may be free floating (unstable) or may be trapped (stable) within the joint. Depending on the severity, you may have one or more loose bodies in your knee joint.

Causes of Loose Bodies in the Knee

You may develop loose bodies in the knee if:

  • You have suffered a knee injury.
  • You have a degenerative joint disease such as arthritis.
  • You overuse the knee joint due to work or sports.

Symptoms of Loose Bodies in the Knee

You may experience the below symptoms if you have loose bodies in the knee.

  • Knee pain.
  • Swelling 
  • Limited movement of the joint.
  • Grating sound (crepitus) with knee movement.
  • A sensation of catching or locking in the joint.
  • Feeling of something moving in the knee.

Complications of Loose Bodies in the Knee

Left untreated, loose bodies may damage the articular cartilage resulting in osteoarthritis.

Diagnosis of Loose Bodies in the Knee

This will involve a physical examination of the knee. Investigations such as X Ray and MRI will confirm the diagnosis .


Treatment of Loose Bodies in the Knee

It is important to treat the condition early to prevent cartilage damage. 

Most often surgery will be required to remove a  floating lose body . This involves key hole surgery ( knee arthroscopy ) 

Following surgery, a rehabilitation program may be required to restore movement and strength to the knee.

Mr Taneja focusses solely on the knee joint  in his private practice, and performs a high volume of knee arthroscopies ( key hole surgery ) .